(21st OCT, 1792 A.D. to 30th JUNE, 1857 A.D.)

Maharaja Gulab Singh, the great spirit behind the Dharmarth Trust was born on October 21, 1792. He received no formal education and was raised instead as a great warrior and an accomplished horseman, proficient in the use of sword and gun.

He joined as trooper in the service of Maharaja Ranjit Singh in the year 1809, proving his mettle in the innumerable battles fought under Maharaja Ranjit Singh and gained his confidence through his loyality and devotion.

In 1822 he was made the Raja of Jammu and Maharaja Ranjit Singh performed the Raj Tilak Ceremony personally at Jia Pota on the bank of River Chenab Akhnoor (Jammu).

Maharaja Gulab Singh created the State of Jammu & Kashmir with an area of 84,000 sq. miles and was the only ruler in history who installed his son Ranbir Singh as ruler in his own lifetime.

Besides being a great warrior and a wise ruler, he had a keen interest in social and administrative reforms. He passed sanctions against female infanticide and Sati, made justice accessible to all and brought about many social and administrative reforms.

In the year 1846, Maharaja Gulab Singh created an endowment known as Dharmarth Trust with a personel donation of Rs. 5 lacs, for the purpose of advancement of the holy religion of the Hindus. The intrest of the aforesaid sum was to be utilised for the establishment of Sad brat, repairs and renovation of old temples, construction of new temples in J&K State and establishment and maintenance of Goushallas, running of Pathshallas, and similar charitable purposes.