Maharaja Pratap Singh

(1850 A.D. to 1925 A.D.)

Maharaja Pratap Singh was born in the year 1850 at Reasi and ruled Jammu & Kashmir State from 1885 to 1925 A.D. He was a wise ruler with great concern for the people and a keen interest in the development of the state. He completed works by his illustrious father Maharaja Ranbir Singh.

He established high schools for boys and girls at every district headquarter, a college each at Srinagar and Jammu, thereby ensuring further progress in education in the state.

By constructing a bridge over River Tawi and linking Jammu to Sialkot by train, he singinificantly improved the communication system in J & K State.

Maharaja Pratap Singh also constructed two canals: Ranbir Canal and Pratap Canal and there by increased the irrigation facilities leading to further progress in agriculture.

He introduced further reforms in the administrative system and stregthened the ministerial system. Two municipalities of Jammu and Srinagar were also constituted by Maharaja Pratap Singh.

With his tactful and diplomatic efforts he was able to free the state from the undue influence of the British rule in the year 1921.

Maharaja Pratap Singh administered the Dharmarth Trust with great devotion and religious thinking following the footsteps of his father in this noble task. He is thus remembered as Dharam Avtar by the people of J & K .